About Hairy’s House

No more boring haircuts for kids. Hairy’s House salon is designed for kids and teens. Come to Hairy’s House and watch a movie, play the PlayStation or IPad, while you get your stylish haircuts by a friendly and experience staff. Our staff is also very patient and friendly for kids with special needs.

Working Hours

Mon- Fri : 09.30 am To 06.00 pm

Saturday : 08.30 am To 04.00 pm

Sunday : Appointments Only.

Contact number
+61 (03) 95 09 73 80


  • Princess Party
  • Pop- Star Party
  • Fairy Party
  • Drazzling Spa Party
  • Diva Party


  • First hair cut
  • Style cuts
  • Hair cut
  • Fringe cut
  • Wash + Basic hair cut + blow wave
  • Wash + style cut + blow wave
  • Wash + braids


  • First hair cut certificate
  • Pamper your princess
  • We do hair styles for Wedding, bar-mitzvah and graduation.
  • Shape your eye brows, Upper lip on full face (for mums)