Ear Piercing

We are doing medical ear piercing. We offer hygienic, safe and risk free piercing here at Hairy’s House. We are using studs for piercing which is 100% nickel free. It’s specially designed for the people with the most severe of nickel allergies. We are using single use product. The part that touch your ear, directly come from the sterile packaging, without touching anybody else (age staring from 7 months).
  1. Fast and safe:- You can have both ear pierced at the same time. It is faster than having a blood test. Medical piercing jewellery is pointed, sharp and strong. So that it swiftly and safely goes through the skin.
  2. After care:- After piercing you need to clean it thoroughly twice a day, with after care cleaning swabs. Don’t touch the jewellery or piercing, while its healing, be careful with the hair spray, cloths and other things, which can contaminate and irritate. The piercing is done; it is parent’s job to look after.